Best of 2016 + Life Update!

WE ARE BACK! After a much needed long break from social media, I am so glad to be back and I am really excited for 2017! So I want to first start by saying a very late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had a great holiday season, we definitely had probably one of the best. I honestly wasn't planning on taking this long a break and I am actually even surprised with how silent I have been on Instagram but it was all worth it!  We spent December really enjoying our family and experiencing our first holiday season with Bradley where he really understood what was all going on. As most of you know, last year our holidays were mainly spent at Rady's and I am still so happy just thinking about it now that the only time we have stepped into Radys was for quick 15 minute check ups! Bradley is doing absolutely amazing health wise in comparison to last year, he is still on a breathing treatment right now until his follow up bronchoscopy in April. But for us that is a huge win! So many things have changed since I was last here and I am excited to share that we moved into a new house, I got a new car (my poor Nissan was totaled, no worries we are all ok!), Bradley is starting preschool in a month or two, and I am starting school in March to pursue some dreams of mine! 

This new year for me is really going to be focused on how to be the best fiancé (basically wife haha) and mom first and then really taking some extreme effort on how to be healthy. I want Bradley to be proud of me and for him to see me not just always doing things for others but also making myself a priority. I am not going to lie where I am at health wise is probably my lowest of lows, I seriously even think I was more fit when I was pregnant haha! But there is not anymore time for dwelling and its time to take action. So I will probably be incorporating more personal posts and health posts to the blog. I would love to know what you do to keep on track with your goals and even would love to hear your journey with becoming or staying healthy!